Children diagnosed with genetic anomalies benefit from the precise and gentle input of the Feldenkrais Method. Benefits include increased variety of movements, reaching developmental milestones, and elimination of pain. The Feldenkrais Method promotes normal movement patterns allowing the child to develop their potential learning in all areas. Movement is used to help the brain improve its organization, leading to functional gains. Traditional therapies focus on the problems while Feldenkrais focuses on the child’s strengths and builds on them to promote development in all areas. I have worked with a variety of children with genetic anomalies. One child who had CDKL5 had not tolerated traditional therapy. She had quite high tone in her extremities and had experienced pain with traditional stretching and positioning. Initially she had no functional movements. At our first visit her mother’s goal was that her daughter smile. During the first session the parents were delighted that she did not cry and seemed much more comfortable at the conclusion of the lesson than at the start.  With the sessions she learned to roll and use her legs to play, kicking a ball that was rolled to her. The best part was that she was laughing as she played!

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