Baby flexionBaby flexionBaby flexionThe Feldenkrais Method provides children with more options and increases their variety of movement patterns. The lessons help the children create new habits.One major difference between this work and traditional therapies is that traditional therapies work on skills the child “should ” be achieving while I work on improving the skill the child already has and improving  them so that they lead to the next step in learning naturally. It is important to schedule at least 3 lessons in three days to see the best results. This intensity allows old patterns to be replaced with new, productive ones. It is also important that if the child is receiving traditional therapies that they are scheduled before the Feldenkrais sessions and that the child has time to play and rest at will after the sessions so that they can integrate their learning. 

I am located in Northeast San Antonio, Tx. I work Tuesday through Saturday and once a month on Sunday. Sessions are generally 45 -60 minutes, but the ending of the lesson is determined by the child and not by the clock. Infants, of course, often benefit from shorter lessons. There are times that the child experiences a significant shift during the session and it is important to stop at that point to allow the child to experience the difference and allow the brain to solidify the lesson without diluting it by continuing.

Initially it is good to bring your child’s favorite toy.There are plenty of toys here but the familiarity of their own toys can be helpful. One of the important services I provide is support to parents. Having worked as a PT I’m familiar with the traditional approaches and know that building on the child’s strengths and not concentrating on the skills that are missing helps parents feel more hopeful and appreciate the small changes that lead to larger functional progress. I believe that providing the child with gentle, precise input opens up the learning for the child and allows parents to know their child has potential for developing towards a rich life.
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