Many children experience feeding problems. Feeding issues impact the infant’s very survival. Feeding problems can result from structural problems like cleft lip and cleft palate or problems of motor control like low tone. Over time oral sensitivity can compound these issues. The Feldenkrais Method addresses problems with the suck, swallow, breathe pattern using gentle, pleasant sensory input which quickly improves the effeciency/effectiveness of the infant’s oral motor patterns. Indirect approaches of working on the pelvis and spine to impact the jaw and tongue can reduce oral sensitivity without causing more resistance.  Working within the child’s comfort zone leads the child to develop trust and helps the learning process. With Feldenkrais I want all the learning to be associated with comfort. I worked with a beautiful little girl who was born with a cleft lip. She also had very low tone which made her sucking, while taking the bottle very inefficient. Her mother was frustrated because the little girl needed to gain weight to have the surgery to correct her cleft lip. After only one intensive she was able to take her whole bottle in one feeding without getting so fatigued she needed to rest before continuing. She was able to gain her weight necessary for the surgery.

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